Challenges of Fiber-Cement Siding

Fiber-Cement Siding has the look of wood siding.  When painted properly it can have a lower maintenance cost.  According to most manufactures, the market share for the product has reached 10% of all siding products.  And quite a few new homes have this lap siding installed.  The benefits include resistance to fire, termites and dry rot.  Fiber Cement Siding will generally last longer than wood siding and it has been sold as a superior siding product.

However, In Park City we have seen the effects of fiber-cement products in heavy moisture.  Moisture resistance is a real concern.  This siding is not moisture resistant, and if installed where standing snow and running water our present, it fails in just a few years.  The most frequent issue is buckling where there is inadequate spacing of the planks.

Most manufactures give a 15 to 20 year life expectancy of the exterior paint finish, however if water is present the warranty is void.  Because the primary component in the siding is cement, if water is present it will bring lime and other minerals to the surface of the siding and efflorescence causes the paint film to deteriorate

The composite manufactures we have painted include:

James-Hardie Siding  


Wolverine Dura-press


I’ve included there links if you want to get the official info from their websites.


There are certain colors that weather better than others on Fiber-Cement Siding give us a call for your specific color question, and we will be happy to answer.