Should I Paint my home if I’m selling?

It may seem like a complete waste to paint your home right before you will walk out the front door for the last time.  After all, why go thru the trouble of moving all the furniture or working around the landscaping if I’m going to do that just in a few weeks or months.  And the expense, why would I spend more money now if I’m only going to sell it?

But the answer to, “should I paint my home before I sell it?” is absolutely!  The answer is always yes.  Here’s why- market research has consistently shown painting your home will provide a 125% return on investment.  Not only does it increase your sale price, but it also makes selling you home more attractive to realtors and buyers.  Most new home buyers will have a difficult time seeing the potential in your home if it isn’t clean and well maintained.  Interior Painting will have a lasting impression and may update the look of you home immediately. Exterior Painting will likely improve curb appeal, which is a large factor if you want the buyer to even come inside.

As a Professional Painting Company in Summit County, Moorhouse Painting will transform your existing home into a ready to sell property.  We have a reputation for quality, reliability, responsiveness and professional results.