Wallpaper Removal in Weber County

Commonly we are asked, “What’s the best way to remove wallpaper?”

Our best results have come from removing whatever is able to be peeled by hand first, then scoring the wallpaper using a paper tiger.  The paper tiger will allow the water to permeate the paper faster and below any graphic or pattern.  We apply two cups of fabric softener to one gallon of hot water.  Let the water stand for 5 to 15 minutes and scrape with a straight blade. It’s important to keep the wall wet for a period of time prior to peeling the paper and using a sponge to move the water around is also helpful.

After the paper has been removed, we apply GARDZ primer from Zinsser and it is designed to specifically seal prior to or after wallpaper.  After the paint is dry we apply a skim coat of spackle or topping mud to level the imperfections and then prime again.

Now it’s time to hang some new paper or paint.